The baby in the womb needs touching
By day 1st day. The sperm connects with the egg. As a result, one “big” one is formed (the size
Car seat rating: 24 safe models for children of any age
car seats: crash test results. Crash tests of ADAC child car seats When purchasing a car seat, parents should know that the European
Secrets of good results in IVF+ICSI programs
In vitro fertilization consists of several stages, the main of which is the fertilization of the egg outside the body
False contractions
All about false contractions: causes, symptoms, how to distinguish
Anastasia Safina (author of the publication) Hello everyone, I'm Anastasia Safina! The birth is still a long way off, but
Basal temperature during pregnancy
Basal temperature has dropped! (+Decoding in phases I and II)
Basal temperature can drop before ovulation (when estrogen surges) and after it. In
Basal temperature measurement
“Before pregnancy...Determination of ovulation” (journal “9 months”, No. 4, author obstetrician-gynecologist of the Center for Medical Research, candidate of medical sciences Tomilova M.V.)
Changes in basal temperature during menstruation are one way to determine the moment of ovulation. Measurement technique
A girl 8 months pregnant cuts fruit
What should an 8 month old baby (boy) be able to do?
The pregnancy has long passed 30 weeks. There is very little left. It seems like only recently
Low body temperature during pregnancy: normal or pathological?
Causes Changes in thermometric indicators in pregnant women are common. And if a slight increase
Duphaston or Utrozhestan: which is better?
Instructions for use UTROZHESTAN® (UTROGESTAN)
Duphaston and Utrozhestan are two popular drugs that are recommended for diagnosed infertility due to luteal
is it possible to get pregnant
Emergency contraceptives: pills and other best remedies for women
Is it possible to get pregnant from a finger? Here’s a question from a girl: “Is it possible to get pregnant from
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