The girl rolls her eyes
What does it mean if a child rolls his eyes up, is this normal or pathological?
Sometimes young parents notice a phenomenon in their baby when he rolls his eyes up and down
The child sleeps for a long time
A newborn does not sleep for 5 hours in a row, what should I do?
Sleep is an integral part of human life, which is a normal physiological process. While in the mother's womb,
What to do if the baby tooth has not fallen out, but the molar is growing - Dentistry "Line of Smile"
What to do if the baby tooth has not fallen out, but the molar is growing
Contents: Causes of the anomaly What a “shark” smile leads to When to go to an appointment
Why does a child have a lot of wax in dark-colored ears: causes and solutions to the problem
Features of treatment depending on the cause of the symptom Treatment of excessive sulfur secretion depends on
food 2 (2)
How much food should a child eat? What is a serving or serving size for a child?
Many parents believe that from the age of 3 a child can eat the same dishes as
Azithromycin Ecomed 200 mg/5 ml 16.5 g powder for the preparation of suspension for oral administration in St. Petersburg
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Saline sodium chloride solution for rinsing the nose for children and adults
Organization of inhalations for rhinitis. Saline solution is often used to moisturize the respiratory tract, cleanse
The first black and white educational pictures for newborns
Many mothers who want to help their baby develop as fully as possible have heard about
Fractures in children First aid and treatment
None of us are immune from injuries, and especially children, who most
Child and teddy bear
Child development at 10 months: what a child should be able to do, games and activities
Physical changes By the eleventh month of life, the baby’s muscular system has completely strengthened. He can get up
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