How to feed a baby with anti-reflux formula: nuances

What is an anti-reflux mixture?

Anti-reflux mixtures (from the Latin “refluo” - to flow backward) differ from regular mixtures in that they contain a special thickener. It makes the mixture thicker and more viscous, which makes it difficult for food to return from the stomach to the oral cavity and speeds up its passage into the intestines. This is how the antireflux effect manifests itself.

There are 3 types of thickeners that are used in baby food:

  • Starch
  • Instant carob bean gum
  • Natural locust bean gum

The properties of the product and indications for use depend on the type of thickener.

Top 1. Nutrilak Premium

Rating (2021): 4.73

323 reviews from resources were taken into account: Yandex.Market, Otzovik, IRecommend, Ozon

The best composition and pleasant taste The composition of the inexpensive anti-reflux mixture does not include palm and rapeseed oil. But it contains a large amount of vitamins and other useful additives.

  • Characteristics

    Country Russia

  • Average price: 599 rub.
  • Weight: 350 g
  • Age: from birth
  • Base (milk): cow's milk
  • Useful components: vitamins, fatty acids, microelements

The inexpensive Russian-made anti-reflux mixture is in no way inferior to more expensive and popular analogues. It also contains carob gum, which gives the milk the necessary thickness. With the start of feeding, the child begins to spit up less, often the problem disappears completely. A big plus is the excellent composition. The milk does not contain palm or rapeseed oil, it is nutritious and enriched with vitamins and other beneficial substances. It tastes much more pleasant than many anti-reflux mixtures - it is not bitter, has no foreign odors, so children eat with pleasure. The product is often used as a therapeutic addition to the main diet; constant feeding can lead to constipation.

It is important!

For regurgitation, colic and constipation, as well as a combination of these symptoms, anti-reflux mixtures with natural carob bean gum are effective.
The fact is that natural gum is an indigestible carbohydrate. Once in the intestines, it stimulates motility and retains water in the intestines, thereby softening the stool. Thanks to these properties, mixtures with natural gum have a pronounced laxative effect. In addition, reaching the large intestine unchanged, natural gum fibers are a substrate for the activity of beneficial bacteria, thus promoting the formation of normal microflora, improving digestion and reducing colic.

Top 2. Friso VOM 1

Rating (2021): 4.57

784 reviews from resources were taken into account: Yandex.Market, Otzovik, IRecommend, Ozon

The most popular Among anti-reflux mixtures, Friso VOM can be called the most popular. She received the largest number of reviews from parents.

  • Characteristics

    Country: Netherlands

  • Average price: 780 rub.
  • Weight: 400 g
  • Age: 0-6 months
  • Base (milk): cow's milk
  • Beneficial components: prebiotics, carob gum

Friso VOM is one of the most popular anti-reflux mixtures often recommended by doctors. Due to the content of carob gum, it has a thick consistency that prevents regurgitation and gently normalizes intestinal function, fighting constipation, colic and bloating. Typically, Friso VOM is used as a supplement to the main diet, but in difficult cases, for some time it can replace the usual mixture completely. Its composition is not ideal due to the content of palm and rapeseed oil, but it contains all the necessary substances for the proper development of a child up to six months. The only problem for parents is the difficulty of preparation - diluting the powder in hot water and then cooling it.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • Contains locust bean gum, effectively eliminates regurgitation
  • Normalizes digestion, eliminates colic and bloating
  • Nutritious, tastes good, children drink with pleasure
  • Well absorbed by the child's body
  • Reasonable cost compared to other anti-reflux formulas
  • Difficult to prepare, you need to dilute with hot water and cool
  • Not ideal composition, contains palm oil

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How to choose the right anti-reflux mixture?

If a child has intense regurgitation or regurgitation combined with constipation or regular constipation accompanied by intestinal colic, then it is better to choose a mixture with natural carob bean gum.

The antireflux effect of such a mixture is more pronounced compared to mixtures containing starch. Natural gum, unlike starch, also has a laxative and anti-colic effect.

When choosing a formula, pay attention to the composition; it should include important functional components, as in breast milk:

  • Nucleotides to strengthen the immune system and develop the intestinal mucosa
  • Omega-3 essential fatty acids (docosahexaenoic acid) - for the development of the nervous system and visual analyzer.
  • Prebiotics to normalize intestinal microflora. Natural gum is a prebiotic.

Top 5. MAMAKO 1 Premium

Rating (2021): 4.45

459 reviews from resources were taken into account: Yandex.Market, Otzovik, IRecommend, Ozon

Goat's milk formula This mixture is not intended to correct severe digestive problems. But it is made on the basis of goat's milk, which is better absorbed by the child's body.

  • Characteristics

    Country: Spain

  • Average price: 2375 rub.
  • Weight: 800 g
  • Age: 0-6 months
  • Base (milk): goat
  • Beneficial components: probiotics, probiotics, bifidobacteria

MAMAKO 1 Premium mixture is not anti-reflux according to its intended purpose, since it does not contain additives in the form of locust bean gum or starch. It acts differently - with regular feeding, it supports and improves digestion, relieves colic, diarrhea, constipation, reduces gas formation and reduces the intensity of regurgitation. In difficult cases, it will not help, but with minor digestive disorders it can significantly improve the situation without the use of special anti-reflux mixtures. Parents choose it because of its easy digestibility, nutritious, natural and healthy composition.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • High-quality Spanish mixture based on goat milk
  • Contains bifidobacteria, probiotics, prebiotics
  • Natural composition, no unwanted substances
  • As close as possible to breast milk
  • Improves and supports the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract
  • Non-medicinal formula, intended for continuous feeding
  • High price, not available in all stores

How to use anti-reflux mixture correctly?

The volume of anti-reflux mixture with carob bean gum is selected individually for each child. Mixtures with starch are effective only in full feeding.

  1. It is always recommended to give anti-reflux mixture at the beginning of feeding.
  2. The AR mixture should be diluted immediately before feeding. Strictly follow the dilution instructions indicated on the package
  3. It is better to dilute the anti-reflux mixture in a separate bottle
  4. Mixing with a standard formula is allowed if you use formula from the same manufacturer and the child always eats the suggested amount of food
  5. When feeding anti-reflux formula, it is necessary to use teats with a larger diameter hole than for conventional formulas.
  6. When using an anti-reflux mixture in any volume, the child must be supplemented daily with special baby or boiled water, 100 ml per day.

Prevention of regurgitation syndrome in infants

  • Before feeding, place the baby on his tummy, stroke him with your palm clockwise in the navel area (this will facilitate the release of gases).
  • Keep your baby's nasal cavity clean, which will ensure smooth nasal breathing during feeding and no air will enter the stomach.
  • You can change the feeding order: let your baby eat often, but reduce the volume of milk or formula.
  • Leave the baby in an upright position for some time after feeding.
  • Do not overfeed the baby, do not swaddle him tightly.
  • When artificially feeding, the nipple should not have a large hole, but it is important that the mother holds the bottle correctly.
  • If possible, use a special pacifier that prevents you from swallowing air when sucking.

And in conclusion: regurgitation should not provoke panic in parents. If your baby feels good, smiles, coos, then nothing bad is happening to his health.

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How to properly introduce anti-reflux mixture into the diet?

Antireflux, like any other mixture, is introduced into the child’s diet gradually, starting with 10-30 ml per day (preferably in the first half of the day), increasing the volume daily.

If you use an AR mixture with starch, then within 6-7 days you can completely replace the daily feeding volume.

If a mixture with natural gum is chosen, then the volume must be increased until regurgitation disappears or regular bowel movements appear. To achieve the desired effect, as a rule, 30 to 90 ml at the beginning of each feeding is sufficient. In some cases, as prescribed by a doctor, it is allowed to use mixtures with carob bean gum in the full feeding volume.

What are the physiological causes of regurgitation?

Regurgitation in most cases is determined by the structure of the upper digestive tract in infants. In infancy, it has its own anatomical features, namely the small volume of the stomach, its spherical shape, and a weak lower esophageal sphincter (after food moves into the stomach, this muscle contracts and does not allow it to be thrown back). Regurgitation is provoked by an immature system for regulating the movement of food through the stomach and intestines, weakness of the enzyme base, and delayed bowel movement. It can also occur due to overfeeding, swallowing air with food (aerophalgia), gas pressure in the abdominal cavity (flatulence), or tight swaddling. Regurgitation can be caused by a quick change in the baby’s body position immediately after feeding (meaning from horizontal to vertical). After the baby has eaten, he should be left alone and not disturbed. Otherwise, he will also start burping.

One of the main reasons for regurgitation can be overfeeding the baby. Since it is difficult to overfeed a baby with breast milk, it is obvious that oversaturation occurs with mixed or artificial feeding. Therefore, it is recommended to feed not with ordinary formulas (they are called adapted), but with special ones - anti-reflux. They help stop excessive regurgitation or reduce its frequency. The peculiarity of these mixtures is their thicker consistency, which is achieved thanks to special additives - for example, corn or rice starch. But before switching to such mixtures, be sure to consult a specialist. After all, it may not suit your child. However, prebiotics are added to some of these mixtures, which help populate the baby’s intestines with beneficial flora.

Regurgitation is often observed in premature babies, as well as in children with intrauterine growth retardation. Another reason is the inconsistency between sucking and swallowing and breathing. That is, while doing both at the same time, the child does it chaotically, begins to choke, swallows air. Over the course of 6-8 weeks, these processes independently coordinate with each other and regurgitation becomes less frequent, and then completely disappears as the child grows older. There are not only physiological, but also pathological causes of regurgitation. For example, intestinal spasms accompanied by pain (intestinal colic), as well as constipation, which is also not uncommon in infants. Regurgitation can be caused by a narrowing of the place where the esophagus passes into the stomach (achalasia), or a narrowing of the place where the stomach passes into the duodenum (pyloric stenosis). We will tell you more about pathological regurgitation below.

How long can I use the anti-reflux mixture?

Despite the fact that modern anti-reflux formulas are adapted, they should not be used continuously as an alternative to conventional milk formulas. The duration of taking antireflux mixtures is individual, sometimes quite long (up to 2-3 months).

After achieving a lasting positive effect, the volume of the antireflux mixture is gradually reduced, replacing it with a standard mixture for healthy children. If undesirable symptoms appear again, then it is necessary to return to the previous volume for a while.

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