Bepanthen cream 50 mg/g 100 g No. 1
Pharmacological action Manufacturer: Bayer, Germany Release form: ointment and cream for external use Active
vaccines against diseases
How to refuse vaccinations for a newborn in a maternity hospital
How to refuse vaccinations for a newborn in a maternity hospital Voluntary informed consent for preventive vaccinations
Teeth are being cut: approximate order of teething, symptoms and how to help your child
When do babies start teething?
Sleep and teething - what to do? All parents know that teething
What does bay leaf do for allergies in children and adults?
Indications for use In folk medicine, bay leaf is used as an independent remedy or
Hardening rules
How to start hardening a newborn baby. Rules and methods of hardening
The essence of hardening and expected results The hardening procedure should be accompanied by a regular change of environment. Natural
A child licked metal in the cold and got stuck
A child stuck to metal with his tongue in the cold - what to do and what are the consequences
How to provide first aid to a child with his tongue stuck to metal in the cold, says GMS pediatrician
baby's temperature
Baby's temperature, how to determine what to do?
When you can observe the temperature in the absence of illness The thermometer readings in a newborn range from 36
It is important to find out the cause of its development in a timely manner
Treatment of jaundice in newborns at home
Pediatrician, physiotherapist, head of the pediatric medical department Neonatal jaundice is a change in the color of the skin and conjunctiva
Skin rashes caused by herpes viruses
Many people consistently associate herpes with a “cold” on the lips. Actually a herpes infection
What time do babies' gums start to itch?
What time do babies' gums start to itch?
Most often, a child's gums itch when baby or molar teeth begin to emerge. Somebody
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