The best cough drops
Dry cough syrups for children: only the best and most effective
Which brand of cough syrup for children is best to choose? Of all the drugs reviewed, the most
Drops for children to regulate intestinal microflora BioGaya Probiotic bottle 5 ml
BioGaia Protectis drops are used as a dietary supplement for children from birth and adults, in
Jaundice in newborns: causes and consequences
Obstructive jaundice is one of the types of jaundice in newborns
Cause of jaundice Let's look at what causes jaundice in newborns. Yellow color is produced by decomposition
Plantex - effective protection against colic
Why does a baby need Plantex? The product helps fight abdominal pain in babies - their
How long does it take to re-vaccinate with DPT?
Vaccinations. To do or not to do. Prediction of reaction to vaccination. Treatment of complications
What is the DTP vaccine for? The DPT vaccine is an adsorbed pertussis-diphtheria-tetanus vaccine. All three diseases
Scarlet fever affects children and adults
Scarlet fever in children: symptoms and treatment (many photos) Scarlet fever is a childhood disease related to
Dill water for newborns. How to take dill water for infants?
With the help of dill water you can quickly and effectively get rid of infant colic, but for
photo of roseola in a child
Three-day fever (roseola infantile)
Roseola is a common and usually harmless viral infection that occurs in infants and
What causes urticaria in infants? Photos of rash in newborns, symptoms and treatment for children under one year old
General information The name of the disease is due to the fact that outwardly it looks like a nettle burn -
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