supernumerary teeth
Baby teething calendar
No teeth at one year of age Why does a child not grow teeth after a year of life:
Enterovirus infection. Coxsackie virus
“Three-day fever”, “summer flu”, “Boston fever”, “Turkish chickenpox” are just a few names for the Coxsackie virus.
Diapers for boys
What is the difference between diapers for boys and girls?
Disposable diapers are one of the most important attributes for every newborn baby. However
9 most common diseases of children in the first year of life
Regurgitation of food that was eaten after feeding What is regurgitation? It's a reflex
Conjunctivitis is a disease that can be one of the first to appear after birth.
Conjunctivitis in newborns: causes, symptoms and treatment
Infectious inflammation of the eyes sometimes occurs immediately after the birth of a child. The disease is easy to recognize
herpes genital and on the lips
Herpes on the lip of a child: how to treat a “cold” for babies and children over 1 year old?
About the disease Herpetic infection is a collective concept that is used to refer to diseases that are provoked
Sleeping boy in sweat
A child's head sweats during sleep - why and how to help him?
The mechanism of sweat secretion Sweating is an integral process in the functioning of our body. It is thanks to the work
Why does a child have a blue bridge of the nose - the reasons for the appearance of blue wreaths
The wreath on the bridge of the nose in a baby. In children aged several months, it is very thin and
Scar cream for children - the most effective remedies for facial scars
From this article you will learn: the best ointment for scars and scars on the face and
Going to the pool with a baby: what you need to take with you
Most modern parents have heard about infant swimming - children's rehabilitation in the earliest stages
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